Dear Young People

Please note that; that letter of regret, unsuccessful application, notice of expiring contract does not mean that you are not good enough, qualified enough or worthy of the position/vacancy applied for. It simply just means that God valued you so much and thinks so highly of His creation that he's redirected your steps to the position that he has set out/planned out for you.

Do not despair or think that you're alone in this. No you're not, know that you are a royal priesthood, a son/daughter of the Most High. You are a chosen generation and all things work together for your good. God has prepared a table in the presence of your enemies. He wants to bless you so much, it will be impossible for the enemy to deny His EXISTENCE. WAIT UPON THE LORD TO PUT YOU IN THE POSITION WHICH HE DEAMS YOU QUALIFIED FOR. Have faith young adult have faith!

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